Bukhara is one of the ancient and famous cities of Uzbekistan. Once it was the largest trade centers at Great Silk Road. According to the legend, Afrosiyob, legendary ruler of Turan and hero of famous Persian epos “Shakhname”, founded Bukhara before the century. Archaeologists have found remains of buildings, pottery, coins, tools and jewelry, which dated back to the 4th century BC, in Bukhara. This means that the age of the city is over 2,500. It is known that in ancient times Bukhara was a part of the Sogdiana state. Bukhara acquired its modern look during the reign of Sheibanids dynasty in 16-17 centuries. At that time, the city was surrounded with walls and mosques, madrasahs, mausoleums, caravan-serais and bathhouses were built within the city. Old city of Bukhara was included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Beside its architectural ensembles, Bukhara is famous for its inhabitants – poets Narshakhi, Rudaki and Dakiki, as well as scholar Avicenna. Old city of Bukhara has about 150 historical monuments.

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