Samarkand is one of the oldest cities of the world and its history stretches back nearly 2,500 year. The city is located 275 km to south-west of Tashkent at slopes of Turkestan ridge at the altitude of 700 meters. Samarkand was mentioned for the first time in 700 BC as Marakanda. It was capital of Sogdiana. Markanda was key city along Great Silk Road. In 2001, Samarkand was included to UNESCO World Heritage List due to its unique look. The city is famous with its architectural monuments, belonging to epoch of ruling of Temurids dynasty. Local people honor Amir Temur and his grandson – astronomer Ulugbek, under their rule Samarkand gained the power. In the city, one can see monuments of these rulers. Samarkand architecture of the Middle Ages is known throughout the world: the unique exterior with glazed and gilded tiles of the ancient buildings are the hallmark of the city.

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