Sitorai Mohi-hosa

Sitorai Mohi-hosa means “Star like a Moon”. The countryside residence of the last Emir of Bukhara is named as Sitorai Mohi-hosa. Currently, the museum of the arts and crafts is operating here.

In the middle of the 19th century, Nasrullahan decided to build a new palace. To select the coolest place, the architects resorted to the well-proven method. They spread the carcasses of sheep on the possible construction sites. And in the end, they chose the place, where the meat was rotten last. Unfortunately, the first palace was not preserved.

After several decades, Emir Mir Sayid Alimhan constructed new beautiful palace and named it after his wife Sitora. Architects from Bukhara, who visited Russia, could combine western discretion and oriental color. But it also collapsed over the time.

New complex in the European style was constructed in 1918. It is divided into male and female part. However, interior of the place has oriental character.

White Hall has special value as prominent Shirin Muradov headed finishing works. All rooms were decorated with carved ganch. At the same time, ornaments are various and not repeated. There are many Venetian and Japanese glasses in unusual frames. Unusual trellis creates a reflection, which is repeated 40 times.

In the palace, there are expositions of the finest Chinese and Japanese porcelain of 14-20th centuries, the magnificent decorations of famous Bukhara jewelers, gold panels and horsecloth.

The hauz (pond) was preserved in the courtyard, where wives and concubines of the Emir bathed. Peacocks still walk in the garden of the residence. It is said that they once protected gates to the paradise. But they overlooked Satan and they were dispelled to the Earth. Since then, the plaintive cry of birds express their anguish and request back to Eden.

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