Kurpa Mosque

Magoki-kurpa Mosque, which means “Pit of Blankets” in Tajik, was built in 1637. It is one of two “underground” (magoki) mosques of Bukhara. Trade dome Telpak-Furushon of the 16th century, where head-dresses were realized, is located near it.

First floor of the mosque is partially hidden under centuries-old cultural layer and that’s why it was named as underground. The name is also connected with the block, where it is located. Earlier, it was called Magoki Kurpa (Pit near blanket bazaar).

The Mosque was built by Djuybar Sheikh Khodja Kalon. It was constructed as a cathedral. But it was too small after end of construction. Therefore it began to serve the parish mosque for the daily prayers. It is noteworthy that the domes cover both floors. At the top there was the summer mosque, on the ground – the winter. There was also the room for ablutions.

Architectural ensemble Khoja Gaukushan was also constructed to money of famous and prominent sponsor. The ensemble Khoja Gaukushan includes a large madrasah and a cathedral mosque with a huge minaret.

Stories and legends

There was a legend that the builder of the mosque rests under its mihrab. However, there were no outward signs of burial place. As usually the pole installed near it.

Nearby, there is also the grave of Hodja Muhammadi parron. People say that he paralyzes limbs of those, who bypassed his grave, without preliminary purification ritual or committed sacrilege near it.

People also say that saint has ability to drop off travelers from their horses.

Here is an interesting neighborhood.

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