Cathedral of St. Alexis of Moscow

Orthodox Cathedral of St. Alexis of Moscow was built in 1911 by architect Fyodor Verzhbitsky and the military engineer F. Smirnov from Saint Petersburg. A year later, it was consecrated in honor of Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia the Wonderworker.

It took two years to construct magnificent temple. But after Soviet government got the power, it stopped its religious activity and was used for other purposes. Its bell tower and dome were dismantled over time.

However, after Uzbekistan gained its independence, the building was transferred to the disposal of the Russian Orthodox Church. In 2012 Samarkand St. Alexis Cathedral celebrated the 100th anniversary of its consecration. In 2021 the Tashkent and Central Asian diocese will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

The cathedral was intended for the military troops. May be, that is why it has simplified neo-Russian style. Despite the beautiful interior decoration, it looks quite frostily and strictly. It is typical for the Turkestan military type temples. The Temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Fergana was also built in the similar style.

The cathedral has a one-piece rectangular hall. Its deep altar is decorated with icons of saints and traditional designs for the Orthodox churches. The high ceiling crowned with light dome. Octagonal bell tower was constructed over the entrance to the temple.

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