Bibi Khanym Mausoleum

Bibi Khanym Mausoleum of the 15th century is located in the end of Tashkent street in Samarkand in front of Temur Mosque. Compared to Temur Mosque, women tomb looks quite modest. The building for mother-in-law of Amir Temur was one of the first buildings, constructed during rule of Great commander.

The mausoleum was used to bury women from Temurids dynasty. Mother of Bibi Khanym was buried here first. Despite that the mausoleum is named as Bibi Khanym, there is no reliable information about burial of Saray Mulk-hanim in the mausoleum.

In 1941, scientist and anthropologist Mikhail Gerasimov opened the crypt with three women sarcophagi and made their portraits.


Bibi Khanym Mausoleum has octagonal shape. The facade of the building decorated with strict and restrained patterns of bricks. Cylindrical drum surrounds a large Kufic inscription. Turquoise Dome perhaps is the only bright ornament.

The Mausoleum was reconstructed in beginning of the 21st century. Interior of the mausoleum is decorated with mosaics, frescoes and has a cruciform shape. It is impossible to take eyes off from its amazing ivory stalactites. In addition to the oriental ornaments, the interior of the tomb decorated with scenes from paradise gardens.

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