St. John the Baptist Church

Many war prisoners, Poles, Austrians and Hungarians were exiled to Samarkand during the World War I. St. John the Baptist Church was constructed for them in 1915 based on the design of architect E. Nelle.

It is located at Mahmud Koshgari street near Armenian Church of the Holy Virgin and Cathedral of St. Alexis of Moscow.

The majestic building of the church was closed in 1917 and used as a gym. When the sovereign Uzbekistan proclaimed the freedom of speech and religion, the Catholic parish was registered in Samarkand in 1995. Two years later, St. John the Baptist Church was handed over to the Catholic parish.

The Catholic Church was consecrated in 1999. Since then, it provides services in German, English and Russian languages.


St. John the Baptist Church was constructed in two styles: Classicism and Baroque. Due to the thick stone walls and fortifications, it resembles a medieval fortress. Inside there is a spacious room with benches and an altar with a tabernacle. Later it was decorated with a huge icon and a crucifix. The statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary are standing on each side.

St. John the Baptist Church is a part of the Apostolic Administration of Uzbekistan.

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