Aksaray Mausoleum

Aksaray Mausoleum of the 15th century served as the burial place of the Timurids from Samarkand. White Palace is within a walking distance from Gur Emir Mausoleum.

There are several versions of its purpose. Some historians say that the tomb was built for the son and heir of Ulugbek - Abd al-Latif. He could not be buried in the mausoleum of Gur Emir, because he ordered to kill his own father. Others say that the mausoleum was used to bury men from family of Sultan Abi Said.


Aksaray Mausoleum’s architecture and decoration of the interior have similar style with Ishrathona mausoleum.

BY the 20th century, the building had been deformed, while the part of it crumbled. Fortunately, the Soviet scientists were able to save it from total destruction. In 2007, the mausoleum was reconstructed and restored due to private donations.

There are three rooms inside rectangular structure. Its only dome on high cylindrical drum overlaps main cross-shaped hall. Octagonal crypt was elegantly decorated with marble.

Aksaray mausoleum looks very modest outside. It has light beige facade and dome, as well as white drum. Therefore, the absence of external decor strongly contrasts with its luxurious interior. The base of the wall covered with mosaic panel. The walls, canvas and the dome painted with ornaments with various gold-plated elements.

Currently, Aksaray mausoleum is open for tourist visits.

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