Khoja Nisbatdor Mosque

Khoja Nisbatdor Mosque was built in the end of the 19th century. It was named after famous theologian Khoja Nisbatdor, whose name means “Justice Carrier”.

He lived before the Sufi thinker Khoja Akhror and patronized merchants and craftsmen. Khoja Nisbatdor called them to honesty and fairness. He asked not to commit sin, cheat people in weighing.


Khoja Nisbatdor Mosque is located near Registan square in Suzangaron-1 neighbourhood in Samarkand. The building was constructed from burnt bricks. There is aivan (terrace) with wooden columns. The roof of aivan decorated with colorful eastern ornaments and patterns.

When the Soviet authorities banned activities of spiritual establishment, the building was used as postal office. After Uzbekistan gained independence, the building was reconstructed and it was named as Friday prayer mosque in 1998.

Operating Khoja Nisbatdor Mosque is one of the most visited places. Its premises can accept up to 200 people and aivan – 150 people.

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