Khoja Ziyomurod Mosque

Khoja Ziyomurod Mosque is one of the oldest architectural buildings of Samarkand. It has special historic value and is located to north from Registan Square.

The mosque stands on foundation of 9-10th century. During the reconstruction, bricks of Seldjuk Empire were found. At that time, the state was ruled by its last Sultan Ahmad Sandjar (1086-1157).

According to legend, Amir Temur brought the relics of Hazrat Jirjis (Saint George) from the military campaign. They were buried near the mosque with all the honors. However, after October revolution, the burial place of St. George was demolished. People say that the praying here has miraculous powers. Wishes of people come true in short period of time. Thanks to this, the mosque received its name “fast fulfillment of wishes”.

In the result of frequent earthquakes and other natural disasters, the ancient dome collapsed. Then the construction was blocked with the wooden beams. At the end of the XIX century, the aivan (terrace) was constructed on its perimeter. As usual, there is a minaret, from which muezzins call Muslims to prayer.

Despite the fact that the Soviet government came to power, it continued its operation. Last time, Khoja Ziyomurod Mosque was reconstructed in the end of the 20th century.

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