Akshi-bobo bastion with Kurnish-khan palace

Akshi-bobo bastion is located over medieval city fortress Kunya-Ark. Despite its military purpose, its name is translated as “elder in love”. It is also called Akhish bobo or White Sheikh as if gray-haired dervish is hiding in it.

The bastion was used for patrolling. The place was not chosen accidentally. The whole city can be viewed from the bastion, which was used to protect the city.

Ordinary people and tourists can see fabulous look of beautiful ancient Khiva. A chain of minarets with blue, green and azure glares meet with the sky.

Glittering domes of mausoleums and mosques are trying to keep up with them. Majestic madrasahs can be seen here and there. In the gaps one can see jagged silhouette of the fortress walls interspersed with defensive towers and massive entrance gates. The palaces of rulers and courtyards with richly painted aivans can be viewed as well.

Here is Palace of Kurnish-khan. It was built in 1806. The ruler of Khiva with eastern hospitality received foreign guests here. They admired architectural traditions of the east and magnificence of interior decoration. They got acquainted with majolica carpet patterns for a long time.

The guests loved to walk in internal courtyard with aivan. Its walls were richly decorated with floral ornaments and geometric patterns.

Unfortunately, magnificent wooden throne, decorated with silver, was not preserved. Treasure and rich library with invaluable ancient manuscripts were also in the palace.

The magnificence of the palace and asceticism of Akshi-bobo strongly contrast with each other. They look like an omnipotent ruler and poor dervish of Uzbek folk tales.

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