Kalta Minor Minaret

In the middle of the 19th century Muhammad Amin-khan decided to build the most grandiose architectural complex in the Muslim world. He wanted to show the greatness and power of the Khiva Khanate. After all, Khiva Khanate was remained independent and true to its traditions for a long time.

But his vanity was punished. Construction of Madrasah of Muhammad Amin Khan was completed. However, the builders did not finish construction of the minaret.

The spiritual education establishment was one of the most famous in Central Asia. Tourists admire its beauty. However, Kalta Minor Minaret attracts the most tourists. Kalta Minor means short minaret.

According to the plan, the minaret should be the highest in the world – 80 meters. This is almost twice higher than Kalyan Minaret in Bukhara (46 meters) and a little bit higher that Kutub Minar in Delhi (78 meters). However, the ruler was murdered during campaign to Khorasan at the hands of Turkmen. Afterwards, number of khans ruled Khiva Khanate and the most of financial resources were directed to internal wars.

However, new legends appeared over time, which differently explain situation with the minaret. Some say that architect was thrown minaret, when it became known that gifted master will construct a higher minaret in Bukhara. By the way, often architects faced such fate. Other architects were afraid to continue construction works.

According to other version, the ruler went to top of the building and saw that khan’s harem will be visible if to continue construction. Therefore, he urgently stopped construction works.

In the result, the height of the minaret is just 26 meters. However, it became one of the most popular sites of Khiva. The surface of the minaret is decorated with traditional fully glazed tiles, which shimmer in the sun with azure, blue and white colors.

Kalta Minor Minaret differs from similar buildings of Khiva and Central Asia. It silently recalls might and collapse of Khiva Khanate.

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