Qutlug Murad-inak and Abdulla-khan madrasah

One-storey spiritual establishment stood in place of Qutlug Murad-inak madrasah in Khiva. Earlier, the masters did not use unglazed relief terracotta for decoration. These two factors made new madrasah as unique architectural monument.

Peculiarities of the building do not end with this. Qutlug Murad-inak is buried in the spiritual-educational building. He willed to be buried in his madrasah, but died outside city walls – in the territory of Dishan Kala. At that time, there was tradition in Khiva, which banned to bring in dead people into Ichan-kala. It was believed that this will bring trouble to its inhabitants. People usually were buried near city gates. As underground water was close to the surface, people tried to place graves as high as possible.

However, clergy used guile and broke the wall. Body of Qutluq Murad-inak was moved into Ichan Kala from small hall.

Madrasah of his son Abdullakhan is located near it. He was murdered by Turkmen in 1855. The building was built in line with order of his mother. According to the idea, the building should be identical to madrasah of his father. The builders installed two doors for unknown reason and it was outside of commonly accepted standards.

Both madrasahs are bright example of Khiva architecture of the 19th century.

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