Hojamberdybiy madrasah

One-storey Hojamberdybiy Madrasah was constructed in 1688. By the way, two-storey madrasahs appeared in Khiva only in the middle of the 19th century.

Hojamberdybiy Madrasah is located near eastern gate Palvan-Darvoza. After 50 years, Alla Kuli-khan started to construct spiritual and educational establishment – madrasah. Large new mosque appeared in 1834, while old one was dissembled and reconstructed in 1688. In the result, two detached small yards were created.

The large portal of madrasah was dissembled. Low entry was constructed instead of it, which united two yards with compact entrance building – darvozahona. Therefore, religious school also became known as Hurdjum, which means weathercock.

There are 16 hudjras, where students and teachers lived. Square lecture room (darshona) is covered with dome. Entry wooden doors decorated with fine carvings.

Masters from Khiva were famous even outside the city. There are families in Khiva, who still pass traditions from one generation to another.

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