Chorsu Market

Bazaar always was the heart of any city in the east. Bazaar was place, where public life was in full swing. The merchants and ordinary citizens met to discuss important news and find out the prices.

Lovers of chaihana (teahouse) generously treated each other with pilaf and drink hot green tea even in the summer heat. People say that green tea helps to withstand heat better.

The bazaars were located in the crossroads of trade roads. The bazaars were located mainly in large city squares, where holidays and theatrical performances were held. Bazaars were built in the form of dome structures, which protected people from heat and dust. The peak of popularity of their construction fell to 9-13th centuries.


Chorsu Bazaar was famous in the middle of the century. It located in main square of the city, Eski Juva. Over time, the bazaar collapsed and it was rebuilt during various epochs. However, the domes were unchanged traditional attribute of the bazaar. Currently, modern Chorsu complex reflects architectural styles and traditions of the past years. The bazaar includes several trade pavilions, which crowned with blue dome.

One-dome building, which is decorated with eastern ornaments, is located in the center of the bazaar. The building has circle of about 300-350 meters and consists of three floors. There are many outbuildings on lower floor. Trade stalls occupy middle and upper floors.

Visitors can purchase fresh fruits, Uzbek bread and traditional sweets at Chorsu bazaar in Tashkent. Trade stalls overwhelmed with the dried fruits and a variety of spices, which are widely used in eastern cuisine. It is impossible simply pass by affable sellers.

Near bazaar there are traditional chaihanas, which invite to taste national cuisines. Therefore, pleasant aroma of tasteful Uzbek pilaf can be felt in the air. Chefs cook barbecues and shurpa (soup) from lamb. After tasting the Uzbek cuisine, it is time to walk through shops of artisans, who produce hand-made souvenirs.

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