Independence Square

Independence Square is the heart of Tashkent. The square hosts various important state events and festivities.

In times of Tsarist Russia, it was the Cathedral Square. Transfiguration Cathedral, mainly for military, was built here. It stood in front of White House with the beautiful garden, where Governor-General of Turkestan lived.

After October revolution, it was renamed into Red Square. Twenty years later, the square was named as the Square named after Vladimir Lenin. It was reconstructed almost ten years later, which is partially connected with devastating earthquake in 1966. The square received new artistic and architectural style. Its size also increased by 3.5 times.

On 31 August 1991, Uzbekistan announced its independence and the square was named as Independence Square.

Objects at Mustaqillik (Independence) Square

In order to enter the square, one should pass Ezgulik Arch (Good and noble aspirations). Storks are flying over its crossbars. Tiled path leads directly to the Monument of Independence and Humanism. It consists of a golden globe with the outline of Uzbekistan.

The statue of Happy Mother was installed in front of it in 2006. Ilkhom and Kamol Jabbarovs worked on image of ordinary Uzbek woman. The sculpture with the height of 6 meters symbolizes the Motherland. Woman looks to the child with kindness and love. Child symbolizes future.

The buildings of the Cabinet of Ministers and Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan (upper house of the Uzbek parliament) are also located in Mustaqillik Square.

There is also an important memorial – Memory Square in Mustaqillik square as there is no future without history. It was opened in honour of people, who participated in the World War II. Grieving Mother at the Eternal Flame meekly mourns children, who did not return from the battlefields.

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