Charvaq water reservoir

Charvaq water reservoir with the volume of about 2 cubic km is located in north of Tashkent region at Chirchiq river. Rock-fill dam holds the water surface with the volume of over 37 square km. Its height is 168 meters.

It can be clearly seen from the Big Chimgan at the altitude of 3309 m.

Charvaq water reservoir has strategic importance for the country. Its water is used for irrigation of fields and gardens. The water level significantly reduces during summer time. Carp, Marina, trout, whitefish and peled can be found in the water.

About settlements and stories

The coastline of Charvaq stretches to approximately 100 kilometers. There are several settlements along it. For example, there is Brichmulla (Burchmulla), which become famous thanks to the song with the same name.

Two famous people were born in Boguston (Bogiston). Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) was born in the 13th century. His mausoleum is located in the capital city of Uzbekistan and is one of the most important historic and architectural heritages. Sheikh Ubaydulla Ahror, who is descendant of Sheihantaur, lived in the 15th century. Great Sufi headed clergy of the region.

Around Charvaq, there are also picturesque settlements such as Yangikurgan, Yusuphona, Sidjak and others. The ring road connects them together.

Charvaq water reservoir is a storehouse of historical and archaeological sites. The site of primitive people is located on Paltau River (Paltausay). Chinar (Chinor) cave with petroglyphs (rock carvings) is located in the village Khodjikent (10-15 minutes by car up to Charvaq).

Charvaq is always lively due to the many boarding houses and children’s camps. This is a great place to escape the city heat.

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