Minor Mosque

Minor Mosque has been built in Tashkent recently. Its construction was started in 2013 on the bank of Anhor channel along Small Ring Road. It was opened in 2014 on the eve of Qurbon Hayit (Eid al Adha).

Minor Mosque is the largest spiritual centre for local Muslims. All people of Tashkent also like to visit it. It is pleasant to walk here due to beautiful appearance of the building and its territory. They stare to stars and a new masterpiece of Central Asian architecture.


The building has traditional design and adheres to traditions of oriental architecture. However, snow-white Minor Mosque differs from ancient buildings, constructed from bricks. The facade of the building was tiled with white marble, which provides special solemn to the building. It sparks and shimmers during sunny day.

Two minarets and dome of azure colour tower in the blue sky of Tashkent. The main facade looks to road and has portal entry. Over 2,400 people can pray simultaneously in the mosque.

There is open front side with terrace. There is a large round-shaped hall in it. Interior was decorated in naqsh style. Gilded mihrab, pointing to Mecca, is decorated with sayings from the Quran and Hadith. The mosque also has special rooms for ablution, which is prescribed tradition for Muslims. For convenience of the visitors, they are equipped with modern accessories.

Although Minor Mosque has not yet own interesting legends, the white marble beauty will not leave you indifferent.

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