Tashkent TV Tower

Tashkent TV tower is the second highest construction in Central Asia. It is also the highest building with viewing area, open for public.

Thanks to its height of 375 meters, it holds the 11th place in the world among similar constructions. Its construction was started in 1978 and lasted 6 years.

The TV tower started its work on 15 January 1985.

Purpose of TV tower

Main task of the building is TV and radio broadcasting. Its signal covers Tashkent region and part of Syrdarya region, as well as southern area of neighbouring Kazakhstan.

TV tower provides communication to some ministries and departments, as well as commercial establishments.

In addition, complex station of high observations under the Uzbek hydro meteorological centre operates here.

TV Tower is beloved place for romantic evening walks. The restaurant is located in the upper level, where the visitors can taste European and national cuisine. Tashkent, shimmering under night lights, can be watched from viewing area of the tower.

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