Tashkent museum of railway equipment

Central Asian railway marked its 100th anniversary in 1988. In this connection, the exhibition of old locomotives was organized. Next year, the museum of railway equipment was opened in Tashkent on 4 August, Day of railway workers.

The visitors can see 13 locomotives, 17 diesel locomotives, 3 electric locomotives, 10 carriages, as well as samples of repair and construction equipment of the 19-20th centuries.

The museum exhibits are placed inside the trains. They tell about construction of railway in Turkmenistan, demonstrate communication and security means. The museum presents various badges and uniforms of the workers.

The museum has operating railroad. Due to its width of the track (just 750 mm), it relates to the narrow-gauge class. It is noteworthy that the two summer carriages were decorated in traditional eastern style. During the tour, one can learn a lot about the inner workings of railway equipment.


One of the most valuable and legendary exhibits is locomotive Ov 1534, which was produced in 1914. Its image is used in postal stamp of Uzbekistan of 1999. It was actively used in Soviet cinema, including in popular film “Neulovimiyi mstiteli” (The Elusive Avengers).

There are also first Soviet mainline passenger locomotive SU and freight transporters. The museum also includes captured military locomotive TE-52. It was brought from the territories, occupied by Fascists. There is also tank-locomotive 9P, designed for track with the width of 1,520 mm.

Touristic double-decker train is also valuable exhibit of the museum. Its peculiarity is the panoramic dome. The rare train was preserved in the single copy.

The museum is a member of the World Association of Technical Museums associated with the railway.

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