National Park of Uzbekistan named Alisher Navoi

National Park of Uzbekistan was named in honour of the great poet Alisher Navoi. It is located at 65 hectares and near Yoshlik (Youth) metro station. It is the largest park of Tashkent. The lake was created in its territory, which is named by people as Komsomolskiy, with the area of 9 hectares.

Beaches stretch in the eastern shore of the channel. There are attractions in the park. Young people are having fun, skating and riding bicycles in the park. It is good place for family rest due to its pergolas, benches and large shady alleys. After working up an appetite, you can dine at inexpensive cafes. There is also children’s railway.


Earlier mines of old brick plant were here. The park was laid in 1932. It was named as the Central Park of Culture and rest named after Lenin Komsomol. It was built based on hashar (voluntary works).

Two wide stairs, heading to small hill, was built in the center of the park. The monument of the great medieval Uzbek poet Alisher Navoi was erected on the hill. Domed rotunda, supported by slender columns, protects the monument from the sun and rain.

The trees are planted in all territory of the park. There are beautiful lights with a white shade along the avenue. Here is also located the building of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan (lower house of the Uzbek parliament) and legendary Navruz Wedding Palace. Near the park, there is also Navruz restaurant and the most popular concert hall Istiqlol. Art Gallery and medieval Abulkasim madrasah (16th century) are located in the territory of the park.

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