Kukeldash madrasah

Kukeldash madrasah is one of the largest in the old city of Tashkent. Minister of Tashkent Sheibanids Sultan Barak-khan and Devish-khan ordered its construction in the 16th century. Dervish-kan wore the nickname “kukeldash”.

Via the portal with the height of 19.7 meters, one can enter to the territory of internal courtyard. Hudjras (living room) flaunt the main facade of two-storey madrasah. There are six hudjras on each storey and each side from the main entrance to territory of the mosque. Each cell included room and entry niche – aivan (terrace). Usually, two-tree persons lived in the cell.

Muezzins call the Muslims to prayers from the towers, located in the sides of the main portal. Traditionally, external walls and minarets decorated with oriental patterns and ornaments.

The portal was seriously destroyed in the result of the earthquakes in 1866 and 1886. It was reconstructed only in the middle of the 20th century.

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