Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is picturesque natural place in the centre of Tashkent. It is located along the Yunus-Abad Metro line near the Bodomzor station.

The park was named in honour of the Japanese war prisoners. After World War II, they dug the pit of the lake and took part in the construction of the Republican Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Alisher Navoi. Earlier, it was desert in this place. Possibly, the citizens of Japan also planted trees here.

Shady avenues, stones and flowers dispose people to appease as nowhere else. Here, everything is shrouded in calmness and spirit of creation and forgiveness is hovering around. The park helps to establish peace of mind and harmony.

Sites of the Park

Ducks are living in the park. They do not afraid of people and calmly swim near boats. The people, in their turn, feed them with pleasure.

In the comfortable pavilions, standing along the bank, it is pleasant to sit and admire diamond reflections on the water. The intricate paths of the park wiggle through the trees, as if inviting to merge with nature. Teahouse is hiding among the trees.

Near its entrance, there is a national Japanese drum and you must rotate it so that the Gods should hear you. The teahouse’s floor inside is covered with carpets and people should remove footwear before entering it. Here are you can find out about traditions of tea ceremony and see national Japanese costumes. You can admire small flow-through pond from outdoor veranda. Restless goldfish and carp swim from one side to another.

Another attractive place is wooden bridge over small babbling brook. All this allows good opportunity to plunge into the peace and silence and to get away from the endless bustle of the bustling metropolis.

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