Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral

Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral is a cathedral catholic church and simultaneously one of the beautiful buildings of the capital. It also performs the function of the Apostolic Administration in Uzbekistan, i.e. the Embassy of Vatican.

Famous among citizens as “Polish Kostel”, it is located across road from old Tashkent Medical Institute. Despite, it is not appropriate to use word “kostel” as the root of the word is from word “bones”. Kostels were constructed in cemeteries to conduct corresponding religious ceremonies.

On Sundays, the priests serve the Holy Mass in English, Russian and Korean. It is also possible to come here to pray every day, except Mondays.


Construction of Catholic Church was started in 1912. It was the initiative of the priest Justin Bonaventura Pranaitis. Famous Ludwig Panchakevich was architect of the building. After their death, Boleslav Rutenis guided the construction works.

Initially, catholic soldiers, who were serving in Tashkent, worked at the construction site. Later, war prisoners joined them and among them were experienced engineers, gifted sculptors and bricklayers.

After October revolution, construction of the church was suspended. Its purpose frequently changed. Unfinished building was used as dormitory and warehouse. Offices of various enterprises also located here. Over this time, the building started to ruin, while internal attire were taken as souvenirs.

In 1992, Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan handed over the building to Catholic parish in Tashkent. Afterwards, the reconstruction works started. Kshishtof Kukula directed his efforts and energy to the reconstruction of the church. In 2000, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral was sanctified.

It is architectural-historic monument of Uzbekistan. Due to its unusual gothic style, it is beloved place for wedding photo sessions.

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