Chor Bakr

Chor-Bakr Necropolis, translated as Four Brothers, is last haven of sheikhs from Djuybarsk seids. It is located in Bukhara suburb, in Sumitan village.

The order of dervishes Hodjagons, who actively supported the Khan, lived here once.


Construction of necropolis Chor Bakr was started during rule of Samanids. At that time, Djuybarsk seids were well-known officials. The tomb of Abu-Bakr Sa’da is the most ancient part of Chor Bakr. It is believed that he founded the famous dynasty and was descendants of Muhammad.

But the main buildings of the memorial complex were built in the 16th century, when the Uzbek dynasty of Sheybanids was ruling.

Foreigners frequently call is as “the city of dead”. The complex has real streets, patios and even gates. But instead of habitation, there are family dahmas (family tombs) and headstones.

At the center of Chor Bakr, there are three main buildings – mosque, khonaqa and madrasah. Main façade of the mosque and khonaqa are decorated with portals with arched vaults. While the side facades were constructed in the form of loggias’ tiers.

Architecture ensemble Chor Bakr is included to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

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