Kosh Madrasah

Kosh Madrasah ensabmle was constructed in the 16th century with the order of Abdulla-han. It consists of two buildings, which are located on one axis of facades to each other, i.e. form kosh (paired).

It was one of the widely used architectural method in Central Asia. The mosque was named after this method – double madrasah.

Madrasah of ensemble

Modari-han Madrasah, which means Madrasag of Khan’s Mother, was built first. It was constructed by order of the Uzbek khan Abdulla-khan II. According to the majolica inscription above the main entrance, it was constructed in 1566/67.

Architecture of spiritual-educational institution is fully typical for that time. The madrasah has two aivans – darshana (classroom) from one side of the entrance portal and mosque – from the second side. The central yard surrounded with living rooms – judjras, where teachers and students lived.

Modari-han Madrasah is the smallest in size and has a rather unusual shape of a trapezoid. Its main facade richly decorated with multicolored mosaic brick.

Abdullah-khan Madrasah was built two decades later. Its high entrance portal and lengthy façade speaks about importance and greatness of the ruler. Although mostly cool colors (blue, greenish-blue and white) were used in decoration of madrasah, the building looks festive. Variety of decorative finishes creates a vivid image of the east.

It is good to watch two madrasas in the night. In the moonlight, majolica tiles and colorful mosaics give a mysterious shimmering gleam.

Therefore, we can confidently say that Kosh-madrassah is one of the most memorable monuments of Bukhara.

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